With hypnotherapy, I have helped hundreds of people. Read about their feedback here.
Meet Mariliis

Permanent weight loss for 16 kilos with hypnotherapy, when nothing else worked. Mariliis is happy

Meet Siiri

Changed her eating habits, not a pre-diabetic anymore and loses weight in a slow and steady pace.

Meet Airi

Permanent weight loss for over 20 kilos, amazing before and after pictures included in the video.

Meet Anne

Permanent steady weight loss, feels good about herself, eats less, makes better choices, has lost 12 kg and has extended her weight loss goal form 75 kilos to 70 kilos, as she now considers it doable.

Meet Marita

Free form sugar cravings, she felt the shift in her immediately after session, but she also experienced changes over a longer period of time, sugar crashes gone, now she just loves herself.

It is not the events in our life that affect us, but what we start to think and feel about ourselves during the event. The meaning we give to the events, is what that affects ours. RTT is different from other therapies, as it eliminates the underlying root cause, rather attempting to teach you to adapt to live with the symptoms. Bring freedom and noticing choices back into your life, let me help You, You are very welcome.

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